Symposium Topics

The main theme of the symposium is selected as “Interactions Between Climate Change and Sectors”. Thus, during the symposium interactions between climate change and agriculture, economy, energy, environment, forestry, health, society, tourism, transportation, water resources, etc.will be discussed. Besides the studies related with the abovementioned sectors, wide-range of studies covering other branches of atmospheric sciences and their field of applications given below are also welcomed. However, the conference itself is not limited to these topics and covers wide range of subjects in Atmospheric Sciences.  We strongly encourage and welcome you to submit all related subjects in the symposium.

Agricultural and Forest Meteorology

Air-Land-Sea Interactions

Air Pollution and Modeling

Atmospheric Boundary Layer

Atmospheric Environment

Aviation Meteorology


Chaos and Non-Linear Dynamics

Climate Modeling

Climatic Risks

Cloud Physics

Data Analysis in Atmospheric Sciences

Hydrology and Hydrometeorology

Impacts of Climate Change

Ionosphere & Magnetosphere

Maritime Meteorology

Meteorological Instrumentation

Meteorological Management


Remote Sensing in Atmospheric Sciences

Renewable Energy

Severe & Hazardous Weather

Solar & Atmospheric Radiation

Space Weather & Space Environment

Sun-Weather-Climate Relationships

Water Resources and Management

Weather Analysis, Prediction and Modeling

Other Related Topics…