ITU METAR Students Meeting, Wednesday 2 May 2018

12:30 – Cocktail
13:00 – What is Atmospheric Modelling? Research Activities in Atmospheric Modelling at NOAA/ESRL and CIRES (Dr. Ravan Ahmadov, NOAA)
14:30 – Coffee Break
15:00 – Sustainable Environment. Career Opportunities at IASS Potsdam (Prof. Dr. Tim Butler, IASS)
16:30 End of Meeting


 Thursday 3 May 2018 

12:00 – Registration, Coffee/Tea 
13:30 – Welcome And Introduction 
13:45 – Pitches From Our Participants 
14:00 – Presentation By Dr. Ravan Ahmadov (NOAA/ESRL And CIRES) 
15:00 – Coffee Break 
15:30 – Recent MOZART scheme developments WRF-Chem; Christoph Knote 
16:00 – Dust simulation by the model WRF/ChemAmirhossein Nikfal, Abbas Ranjbar Saadatabadi 
16:30 – Wrf-Chem simulations of Saharan dust outbreak episode at North Adriatic coastBoris Mifka, Ana Alebić-Juretić, Mary Barth, Katja Džepina, Alma Hodžić, Rajesh Kumar, Sasha Madronich, Pablo Saide, Maja Telišman-Prtenjak, Christine Wiedinmyer 
17:00 – An observational and numerical study of a major Saharan dust outbreak around Eastern MediterraneanAbdullah Kahraman 
18:00 – Joint Dinner (At Your Own Expense) 


Friday 4 May  2018 

09:30 – Natural and anthropogenic air pollution in the Middle EastAlexander Ukhov, Suleiman Mostamandi, Anatolii Anisimov, Georgiy Stenchikov
10:00 – Biomass burning influence on aerosol-cloud-radiation interactions over the Amazon during ACRIDICON-CHUVA; Pascal Polonik, Christoph Knote, Tobias Zinner, Bernhard Mayer
10:30 – Tagging technique for source attribution of tropospheric ozone in WRF-ChemNoelia Otero, Aurelia Lupascu, Tim Butler
11:00 – Coffee Break
11:30 – The relationship between temperature and ozone in WRF-ChemNoelia Otero, Aurelia Lupascu, Tim Butler
12:30 – Post-Processing of the WRF Output; Amir Nikfal
13:00 – Lunch
14:00 – Air Pollution Prediction in Istanbul by using WRF-CHEM; Umur Dinç, Baha Toker, Zeynep Feriha Ünal,İlayda Kurşun, Cansu Düzgün,Gamze Deniz, Hüseyin Toros
14:30 –Inventory of emissions  in Turkey; Alper Ünal
15:00 – Free Discussion